Q: How much does an alarm system cost?

A: The system purchase price and monthly monitoring fee are very affordable

Q: What is included in a basic/ standard package

A: This depends upon the package needed & wanted by each customer.

Q: How much does monitoring cost

A: Costs vary depending on the type of service, installation cost is very affordable.

Q: How long is the contractual agreement?

A: OVM contracts typically are three years in duration and have automatic
annual renewal provisions, during the renewal the customer may cancel the contract upon a 30 day written notice.

Q: Why is it important to test my system?

A: Testing your alarm system ensures its proper operation and communication with our Monitoring Center. To avoid false alarms, you must notify OVM when you will be testing your system to prevent the alarm station from dispatching authorities to respond to the alarm signal.

Q: Can I pay my monitoring quarterly or annually?

A: Yes Ohio Valley Monitoring allows you the flexibility to pay your monitoring monthly, quarterly or annually. We also offer automated pay for your recurring fees. Payment is sent directly from your financial institution to Ohio Valley Monitoring, or automatically charged to your credit card.

Q: Can I use any credit card?

A: Currently Ohio Valley monitoring only accepts Visa, or Master Card.

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