TV�s, clothes, furniture, equipment; it can all be replaced.  What can�t be replaced are your family and the years you�ve poured into creating your financial security.  And so you take precautions to ensure that the people you love and the things that matter most to you in the world are kept safe and secure.

But what if something truly horrible happened?  What if an intruder broke into your home and threatened to harm your children?  How would anyone know they needed help FAST?

What if an electrical fire started and swept through the walls of your business?  Would the fire department be notified in time to stop the blaze before your life�s work and livelihood was reduced to ash?

No one ever expects that the worst will happen to them, but sometimes bad things happen to good people.  Why trust the most valuable people and things in your life to just any security company?

We hope you�ll find our website both informative and helpful.  If at any time you have questions, comments or concerns or would like to schedule a private consultation with the President of Ohio Valley Monitoring, please contact us right away. 

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